Raising Funds for St. Lucia

Some may look at this and see a garage, but with your help and PLBC’s LifeLaunch missions team, this will be a church building!

Pacific Life is ready to join with the Foursquare Church in St. Lucia to see more people reached for Christ through a growing and expanding local church. Foursquare Missions International missionary, Jacquie Antoine, will welcome 13 students to the field this May 5-30, 2014. The team will minister in a number of ways and help with the construction.

Please give to this project at www.pacificlife.edu/stlucia (put “Church Building” in the comment box). Thank you for your prayers and generosity.

For more information, please contact Dennis Hixson ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; 604-597-9082 ext. 3354).

Ketchum Hands Over Reins

After a decade of guiding Pacific Life's Institute of Music Ministry, Darlene Ketchum plans to hand the program's reins over.

Her plans involve being active in the music and arts community in Vancouver as an artist, teacher and mentor. Darlene developed the music program in 1998 when students wishing to pursue music leadership from a contemporary, Christian perspective had no options. Those desiring to be worship leaders had to pick up musical, technical and administrative skills on their own.


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Students were awesome at this week's recitals... well done! Last Chapel of the 2013-2014 school year is today. #PLBC #FOLLOW


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